Alva Matusiak, the Baby pictures

March, April & May 2004

These are the earliest photos of the Alva Dog. She is such an adorable puppy!

Shout outs and greetings to Kelly Jo for all her mad doggy props and for getting me to actually make good on my promise to update this page. KJ, you are the baddest of the bad.


Alva accompanied me to the May InterNetWorkers meeting at The Federal in Durham.

Alva floats Alva drinks



Alva playing with her brother Brutus (3.5 MB video)


04.26.04 - Alva at eleven weeks

and sleeping on her favorite toy, Austin the Octopus


04.18.04 - Apple Chill

We walked the puppies around Chapel Hill and Carrboro for Apple Chill. Here they are chilling on the South Mall lawn.


04.11.04 - Easter in Raleigh

sitting at attention



I brought Alva to her new home on Good Friday. That was the day Basil went to live with Mark and Molly.

very very cute puppy dog eyes

Basil became Brutus



At around 7 weeks old, while she was living with her original foster family. Alva is in my right hand.

The other dog (in my left hand) is her sister Nutmeg.



“I'm sure more doggy pictures will make it on to this page. Check back sometime soon!” -- famous last words