Alva Matusiak, through early adolescence

June & July 2004

Alva was a very easy to train animal. Only about a week or two was required for house-breaking and most obedience training she adapted to quickly. She was still quite the little roust-a-bout at this stage and it took a while to keep her from jumping up on people. It did not even seem that the spaying surgery bothered her very much. Well, except for not getting to chew on her stitches undisturbed. Alva was already very well socialized by this point in her life.


Ball 'O Love



We are partying it up at Mark and Molly's house warming party .... Brutus knows all. Brutus sees all.



Compositions (plus 3.5 MB bonus video of Alva trying to behave for the camera)




Just for fun! (and to show that she now takes up the whole ottoman)



Alva began eating at her stitches, so I had to put her in Doggy Prison.



Alva recovering from her surgical procedure on the ottoman of mass luxury

  ★ ★ ★  



At four months Alva had to get spayed. The clinic that did the surgery also gave her a bright red X-marks-the-spot tattoo to inform future surgeons that she has been fixed already. Alva was anxious to show off her bad ass new scar and tattoo.

  ★ ★ ★   



“I'm sure more doggy pictures will make it on to this page. Check back sometime soon!” -- famous last words