Alva Matusiak, the swollen-faced puppy dog

On September 21, 2005

Alva was restless last night, but since it was dark I could not tell what was wrong with her. It wasn't until I saw her in the light of morning that I realized she had been bitten by "something" and needed a visit to The Animal Hospital.

They quickly treated her with two injections -- one steroid and one anti-histamine. The swelling appears to be going down slowly and the hives are all gone (thankfully!). I also have orders to give her more Benadryl and Prednisone if required. I'm hoping that won't be necessary however and that she will be back in perfect health soon.

Beware! These are scary photos of a cute dog having an allergic reaction to something bad.



This is a swollen and dimpled Alva at 9 AM

Stock photo from May 2005 - Alva WITHOUT hives


These hives were covering most of her body

Hives on arms, paws and head


Eyes swollen shut

Mouth and lips twice normal size


Look at bumps on her right elbow

Poor, poor Alva dog